Saturday, October 25, 2014

3rd week

The 3rd week for this semester had come to the end.
Next week dah boleh balik 
beraya haji, so it make our midsem break
only 1 week rather than 2 weeks for last semester.
oooooooohhhh tak sabarnya nak balik.
Especially dah tau kat rumah semua orang dah ada
except for me still here counting days
to reunite with others.

Tapi biasala sekarang tak macam dulu...
Since having LDR
(Long Distance Relationship)
like Farah always referred to,
masing2 like the magnet with the same pole.
Dia balik, kita pon balik....
So, a bit hard to meet.
Tapi boleh je adjust to meet up for a while.
I always talk to myself that
2 years wont be a very long time.
Why 2 years?
Is there anything special about 2 years?
I really hope there is (:

Studio 03- !st Project

Late post.
A very late post actually.
This project had been done past few weeks already.
Dah basi pon citer dia.
But then, better late than never rite (:

So, here they are few captures from our group project
for the first project of this 3rd semester.
We had been asked to made a costume based
on our chosen ethnic.
Our group had chosen Minangkabau and to be more specific
the bride's traditional costume as our precedent case study.

Minangkabau celop (:
All of the costume must be made fully by cardboard only.
It is tough though to made it wearable by our model.
The requirement is that
it must be made using proper model anthropometry,
can perfom the activity or occasion of
when or why the costume is made.
so, if the Minangkabau is dancing in the wedding day
therefore our model also need to perform the dance
without any defect on the costume.
To made the costume durable is hard since cardboard
is not a proper material to be used and
almost impossible to move freely within the costume.

The final costume on our submission day.

However, alhamdulillah...we made it!!
Thank you to all group members for the best cooperation given (: